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Unexpected repair charge?


With Payment Assist, Service MOT Repairs can help.

The Problem

Perhaps you've got an unexpected repair cost. It can happen to any of us. With the pressures of life you're worried you might not have enough left after you've paid for the rest of the month. You can't do without the car. How will you mange it?

Perhaps you want to upgrade your car, but lack the money to do so right now. You don't want to enter into a long term payment solution, but ity would be a help tp pay over three months.

The Solution

Service MOT Repairs works with Payment Assist. Their short term credit offering allows the cost of a one off bill/purchase to be spread over three months. Payment Assist is both fee and interest free to you the customer, we as your garage take care of the arrangement costs.

All you need to do is pay 25% of your bill on the day and (subject to standard credit checks) Payment Assist will take care of the rest. Call us now to find out more or click here to visit the Payment Assist website.

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