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The braking system in your vehicle is a result of roughly 100 years of refinement and the single most important safety feature of your vehicle.

It takes a great deal of force to slow down a vehicle that could be travelling in excess of 70 mph, much more than can be exerted by simply depressing the brake pedal. The pressure needed is the result of a hydraulic braking system. Hydraulics cause the relatively small amount of force from the driver foot to be multiplied through brake fluid with the help of calipers reaching and applying pressure to all four brake pads. These in turn are applied to the brake discs causing friction and the vehicle to lose momentum.

When to check your brakes.

You should get your brake system checked immediately if you notice any of the following;

Loss of grip when braking

Your vehicle pulling left or right when braking

A slack, soft or low brake pedal

Shuddering through the steering wheel when braking

Squeals, screeches and high pitched noises when braking

The brake system warning light flashes

Your vehicle takes longer to stop than normal

The brakes feel spongy or the pedal pulsates

Brake pads themselves are designed to wear out, so keeping a check on the thickness of your pads should be done on a regular basis. If the pads are allowed to wear down too far, you risk damaging the brake discs and this will add considerable expense to repairs and maintenance of you brake system. Brake fluid should also be part of a regular maintenance check to ensure that it remains between the relevant fill lines marked on the brake fluid reservoir.

At Service MOT Repairs we provide a free brake check, we will inspect the pads, shoes, cylinders, discs and fluid and if any of these need replacing then we can do that too. To book your vehicle in for a free brake check call now on 01604 491011 or email

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