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Looking for a service in Northampton? We're the perfect fit!

Northampton Vehicle Servicing

Keeping you on the road is what we do! Regularly servicing and maintaining your vehicle with us will ensure that it is running efficiently all year round. It could also save you money in the long run by identifying any issues early on and allowing them to be fixed before they turn into major issues.

Car Servicing

Having your car properly serviced will not only ensure that your car is safe to drive and working properly, will also help maintain its value. Here at Service MOT Repairs, we offer a full service that normally is equivalent to or superior to most dealerships' service in Northampton.  If you have a particular query about your service, why not call us?  We include all standard Pre-engine, under-the-bonnet, vehicle-raised and vehicle-lowered checks you'd expect from a profressional vehicle sevice.  There's more detail in the small text on this page. 

As with the vast majority of the maintenance, repairs and assistance we provide, we'll complete your service in Northampton at our well-equipped garage without it needing to go anywhere else. 

Fuel Saver Service

The fuel saver service ensures your vehicle is running as fuel efficiently as possible. Our fuel saver service includes; Under bonnet liquid levels check and top-up, Fuel cleaner additive, Tyre pressure check and adjustment.
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Interim Service

At Service MOT Repairs we offer an interim service at 12 months or 12,000 mile intervals. Ideal for drivers that spend a lot of time on the road, our interim service will ensure your vehicle is running at its best and is maintained until your full service is due.

Van Servicing

Keeping your van in good working order is important, even more so if it’s used for work. We offer a full van service that is up to the same standard, if not superior to those offered at main dealerships.

Service in Northampton? To book an Service with us now, call 01604 491011 or email us.

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