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Northampton Car Under Sealing

Noprthampton car undersealing

As one the most expensive purchases that we make, it makes sense that we would want to maintain our car and prolong its life, as well as making sure it’s road safe. Most of us are aware of the basics, checking the tyres have enough tread and that the oil etc. is topped up, for example, but one area that quite often gets missed is the underneath of the car.

The underneath of the car is actually subjected to quite a lot, from wet muddy roads, salt and grit in the winter, to rocks and stones kicked up by the wheels. Especially for us here in the UK where we have significant rainfall and have to use salt and grit on icy roads in the winter months. All of these conditions can cause damage and consequently, rust, to the underside of your car.

Car Under Sealing

This month we thought we would prepare you for autumn and the nasty winter roads. A relatively new service offered at the garage is car under sealing. Whilst manufacturers apply a protective seal to t...

Here at Service Mot Repairs, we offer a specialist undersealing designed to protect the underside of your car. This is especially effective for areas such as wheel arches that are most prone to damage and rust. Although undersealing is done by car manufacturers when the car is built, surprisingly quite a few key areas can be missed. These include the centre if the underneath, the sills and the area around the chassis. If excessively weakened or corroded through will constitute an MOT Failure. It can also mean that costly welding repairs will need to be carried out. With the average cost per area for welding being around £120, and the cost of undersealing the entire underneath of the vehicle starts from £150, prevention is definitely better than the cure!

If you’d like to know more about protecting the underneath of your car from rust, give us a call here at Service MOT Repairs on 01604 491011 or email

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