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Northampton Gear Box Replacement

northampton gearbox replacement

The gearbox in your car controls the power from the engine to the drive to the wheels. It is probably the one part of your vehicle that is subjected to the most wear and tear. Expensive and time consuming to replace, any problems are best caught early on and dealt with before more serious issues can arise.

Regular maintenance and service will ensure your gearbox is working as it should, but as with most components of your car, some wear and tear due to normal usage is inevitable. Here are some things to look out for that signal it is time to have your gearbox looked at by a mechanic;

Difficult to put into gear – Shifting gears should be a smooth process if all is well, if you are finding that it is hard to change gear, this could mean the gearbox’s synchromesh is worn and your box needs replacing. Other causes could be the selector or gear cables could also be worn or misaligned. Another symptom could be the car slips out of gear whilst driving, this is also a sign of a severe problem.

Humming, clicking or whining noise – All of these noises coming from your car should be checked out by a mechanic, particularly when changing gears, but this is never more important than if you think it may be coming from your gearbox!

Grinding noise or Rattling– This can also be a sign that your clutch may need replacing or adjusting, but can equally indicate gearbox problems and should be checked out.

Low or leaking transmission fluid – Transmission fluid does not burn off with use, so if the levels are low, there is a leak that needs to found and fixed.

Burning smell ­­– This is also to do with transmission fluid, if it smells burnt it means that the fluid is overheating and therefore not doing its job of keeping the components cool. This could lead to a build-up of debris that could result in complete gearbox failure.

If your vehicle exhibits any of the symptoms above, call Service MOT Repairs on 01604 491011 where one of our mechanic will be on hand with help and advice.

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