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Northampton Brake Fluid Change

Northampton brake fluid change

Most drivers are unaware of the fact that the brake fluid in a vehicle needs to be periodically changed. Most car manufacturers recommend that this is done around every two years, though it can vary slightly from between manufacturers.  Did you know the average motorist driving 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year uses their brakes roughly 75,000 times in that year? That’s a lot of use! Changing the brake fluid in keeping with the manufacturers guidelines ensures that your vehicles braking system will continue to work at its best.

What does it do?

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid, hydraulic means ‘moved or powered by fluids’ and this is exactly what your brake fluid does, it moves components in your vehicles braking system. Over time, brake fluid will become contaminated, mostly by absorbing moisture through the brake systems reservoir cap or after continuous braking the fluid heats up and will boil resulting in steam which converts to water contamination. As more moisture accumulates in the brake fluid over time, the boiling temperature is reduced, resulting in overheating and potentially leading to excessive component wear and eventual failure. Contaminants in your brake fluid can also cause problems with your ABS unit which can be very costly to put right!

So why not pop in to us here at Service MOT Repairs and let us change your brake fluid for you, giving you peace of mind that your vehicle’s braking system is in perfect working order. At Service MOT Repairs we offer a number of free checks, dedicated to keeping you and your precious cargo (your family) safe on the roads. If you have any concerns regarding your car, call us for a chat, if we can help – we will!

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