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Jul 27, 2023
From The Northampton Chronicle and Echo: Mechanics at a Northampton garage are celebrating after scooping a prestigious business award.
Garage wins much-coveted business award
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Nov 2, 2022
One of the big indicators that winter is coming is getting up in the morning and needing to put the heater on in the car. It means you are only weeks away from stamping your feet to keep warm...
Is car ready for the big chill? – What should you be doing now to prepare for the colder months?
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Jul 26, 2022
Servicing your air conditioning is something that is easy to forget. You do tend to remember however when you get in your car on a hot day and it doesn’t work or it just produces a feeble,...
What’s that smell? – Why the air conditioning in your car needs a check over.
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May 25, 2022
We all expect our brakes to work properly when we need them the most. It’s not an exaggeration to say that good brakes save you, and others, from injury and worse. So, what are some of the...
Vibrations, squeals, and sudden stops – 5 things telling you your brakes need attention
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Apr 25, 2022
Like most businesses, we have a set of values here at Service Mot Repairs. They were there when we set up a decade ago and they are still there now. We created them because we wanted to be the...
Aligning values – We are now a Bosch Approved Service and Repair Centre.
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Apr 17, 2022
Without a doubt, TerraClean is one of the most effective ways of keeping your car in tiptop condition. In fact, it will increase efficiency and extend the working life of your engine, but many...
It’s like a healthy diet for your car – What is TerraClean?
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Mar 15, 2022
There was a brief glimpse of the sun this week. Ever the optimist, I am taking that as a sign that winter is on the way out. That means it’s time to start thinking about having your horse...
Getting ready for the events – Preparing your horse trailer for 2022 season
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Feb 14, 2022
We have been servicing cars and performing MOTs in Northampton for a long time and trust me on this, you would be surprised how often we hear someone telling us that they need a quick appointment...
Is your MOT due? - ANPR cameras around Northampton could be checking for you.
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Jan 10, 2022
Winter is more than coming, it’s here and it’s going to be the usual round of freezing rain and cold snaps. The winter conditions may not be as bad here in Northampton as they are in...
Starting your car and safe winter mornings - 5 safety tips for driving in cold weather.
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