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Northampton Car Diagnostic

Northampton car Diagnostic

All drivers have, at some point, suffered that sinking feeling when one of the fault lights illuminates on the dashboard. Quite often, we don’t really know what they mean, other than indicating a problem, and we usually assume the worst! It doesn’t help that warning lights can have a multitude of different meanings.

Here at Service MOT Repair Ltd, we have fully trained technicians using the latest diagnostic equipment to quickly and easily identify the problem. There are different reasons for these lights to come on, and in some instances they are quickly and easily identified and also easily fixed and do not necessarily mean a huge repair bill!

Here are a few examples of what our car diagnostic equipment does;

Reads and erases the vehicle error memory. If a fault light is displayed on the dashboard, the diagnostics machine can read it identify the problem, and turn it off once the fault has been fixed.

Reads live data from the vehicle. This checks that all components are working correctly, identifying any that may not be.

Actuator tests. Certain components can be activated to make sure they are working correctly and getting signals from the ECU.

Resetting of service lights. Once a fault has been identified and fixed, the car needs to be informed so that the service warning light can be reset.

Winding back brake callipers. Some cars with electronic handbrakes need to put into service mode to change the rear brake pads.

Not all vehicles display a fault light if there is a problem, and an engine diagnostic can identify a problem early, allowing it to be caught and fixed perhaps avoiding further damage. Engine light on? Why not pop in, Service MOT Repairs Ltd are based at Round Spinney Industrial Estate. Get booked in call 01604 491011 or email

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