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Air Intake System Cleaning

Northampton Air Intake System Cleaning

Air Intake System Cleaning
Cars whether petrol or diesel require air intake to be able to run. Deposits can form in the Air Intake System, particularly in the inlet manifold, where fuel and air mix. Too many deposits means your Air Intake System requires cleaning, otherwise you will suffer poor performance, fuel economy and even fail an emissions test.

The Air Intake System Cleaning additives are designed to be injected through the throttle butterfly, to clean out the whole intake system (with the exception of the EGR which has to be closed at this time). This allows all carbon deposits to loosened, broken down and burned off in normal combustion process. The added benefit of the Air Intake System Cleaning is that it cleans out the engine combustion side and the exhaust system, which is rarely fully cleaned. The other side to the Air Intake Cleaning Service is the engine oil flush, change and engine protector is added with new oil. BG will also offer a warranty of 12,000 miles on any parts that the additives come into contact with as long as the process is carried out fully.

Symptoms to look out for:
Symptoms that indicate you may need the Air Intake System Cleaning are: lack of power, your vehicle may go into ‘limp mode’, engine management light maybe on until the driver pulls over, switches off and restarts the engine. Eventually, if the vehicle continues to be driven with this issue, it can cause further damage and your vehicle will probably fail the emissions test at MOT time. All of which means it will cost you more money in the long run.

In this video by Frank Massey you can see exactly how the BG Air Intake System cleaning is done, and how effective it is.

If you have any concerns regarding your vehicle air intake or would like to book your vehicle in for an Air Intake System Cleaning service call us on 01604 491011 or email

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