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Brake Pads

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Brake Pads
Brake pads are one of the main components of your vehicles braking system. There are a few different types available, dependant on your vehicle and even your driving style. The three main types are;

Standard Brake Pads
The most common variety of pads found on the majority of vehicles today. They are suited best to smaller vehicles and a non-aggressive driving style. Made using a blend of metal bound together with resin they are both cost effective and offer good performance.

Organic Brake Pads
Organic pads, made up from composites, kevlar and resins, which are much lighter than their metallic counterparts producing very little noise. The trade-off for this, however, is that they are softer and therefore wear out faster producing more dust. Again, these are suitable for smaller vehicles and a non-aggressive driving style.

High Performance Ceramic Brake Pads
Ceramic pads are the most expensive type of brake pad and are most suitable for high performance vehicles. Usually found on race cars or other performance vehicles, these pads cope best with sharp turns, high speeds and frequent stops. It’s worth remembering that anything that can go from 0-60 mph in a matter of seconds, also needs to be able to go from 60-0 mph just as quickly!

These are the three main types of brake pads available, there are combinations but as a general rule, the larger and heavier the vehicle, the more stopping power you need from your brake pads. This in turn means a higher metal content is required.

Here at Service MOT Repairs, we are always happy to offer advice on which brake pads are most suitable to both your vehicle and driving style, and of course supply and fit them too.

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