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Northampton Van MOT

Northampton Van MOT

As the number of vehicles on the road in the UK began to increase after the second world war, the Ministry of Transport stepped in and made it compulsory for all vehicles on the road to undergo various safety checks to ensure roadworthiness. Since its introduction in 1960, where only brakes, lights and steering were checked, vehicles have evolved to have many more features and the MOT test has had to evolve to continue to ensure the basic elements of the safety and roadworthiness of all vehicles are adhered to. Driving without a valid MOT has serious financial implications. Not only can you be fined and have 3 penalty point added to your licence, your insurance will be invalid. This means if you are responsible for an accident, you could end up paying for the repairs to your own vehicle and those of the other vehicle involved.

If you own a van, you will want to ensure that it is kept on the road with a valid MOT certificate as it will no doubt be instrumental in the day to day running of your business. Regular van servicing will vastly improve the likelihood that your van is in good running order when presented for the MOT test. There are also things that you can check yourself, prior to the test that will make sure your van doesn’t fall victim to some of the most common, yet easily avoidable failures such as blown bulbs, or bald tyres! We advise that you check these items so that your vehicle has the best chance of passing the MOT first time;

Van Lights
Side lights, headlights, main beam, rear, brake, fog, indicator and registration plate lights and reflectors should all work.

Must be in working order.

Van Tyres
Tread depth must not be below the legal limit of 1.6mm You can use a 20 pence piece to check that tread depth is at least the required 1.6mm.

Wiper and Washers
Before your test, it is worth checking that your wiper blades are in good working order and your screen wash is topped up.

Northampton Van MOT
At Service MOT Repairs we are used to servicing, maintaining and putting vans through their MOT.  We have a dedicated MOT lane which can be viewed from our waiting area. Too busy to sit around waiting? Then we can collect your van and return it to you once the MOT is complete. If, however, your van does not pass the MOT, a re-test, will be performed completely free of charge within 10 working days, even if we do not carry out any necessary repairs.

To book your van in for an MOT call us on 01604 491011 or email we also offer Fleet Services that will ensure all of your company’s vans are serviced, maintained and MOT’ d.

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