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Northampton Tyres

With your cars tyres being the only point of contact with the road, choosing the right tyres for your car is incredibly important. At Service MOT Repairs, we offer a comprehensive range of tyres to suit all vehicles and budgets. So if you are looking for specialist tyres for your prestige vehicle, or a budget set for your second car, we have the right tyres for you. Click here to get a Tyre Quote NOW!

Budget Tyres

Mostly suitable for second cars or light usage. For drivers that do a lot of mileage, these may wear out faster than their mid-range or premium counterparts.

Mid-Range Tyres

Mid-range tyres like Uniroyal or Davanti, are far from being the most expensive but have an excellent wet weather grip rating. Depending on your particular make and model of car, and your driving style, these may in fact be the best choice.

Nitrogen in Tyres

Purified nitrogen has been used to inflate the tyres on aircraft and racing cars for many years, but what are the benefits to using it in the tyres of domestic vehicles? Safer motoring due to better road holding and handling, Longer tread life with up to 25% increase in tyre life, up to 5% reduction in fuel consumption and no oxidation to alloy wheels.

Premium Tyres

When tested against mid-range and budget tyres, premium tyres consistently outperformed less the expensive tyres, with not only better grip, but substantially better handling too. Stopping distances were also much better. This difference in performance can also improve the fuel economy of your vehicle by up to 20%.

Tyre Life Guarantee

At Service MOT Repairs, we supply a range of tyres manufactured by Evergreen and Davanti – both of whom provide lifetime guarantees on their tyres. The policies, however, do differ slightly from one another. For full details of both policies, please see our Tyre Life Guarantee page.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are designed for safer driving in the cold, not just for in the snow as many people think. When the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, the rubber in all-season tyres can harden reducing grip. We stock winter tyres in our comprehensive range, and if we don’t have what you need, we will have it delivered onsite within half an hour.

If you need help and advice choosing the right tyres for your vehicle, driving style or the climate then speak to one of our friendly team. Call 01604 491011 or email us.

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