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Northampton Liquid Level Top Ups

Morthamptopn liquid top ups

Making sure the liquid levels are kept topped-up is one of the single most important things you can do to ensure the smooth running of your engine. At Service MOT Repairs, we offer a liquid level top up service that takes care of this for you.

Engine Oil

Having too much or not enough oil in your engine can have a detrimental effect on your car’s performance. You also need to ensure that you use the correct oil for your car which can be found in the cars’ handbook. If your car’s oil needs to be topped up too regularly, you may have an oil leak or an engine problem and should have this checked out by one of our mechanic.

Engine coolant

The coolant/antifreeze level can also be checked by locating the relevant reservoir under the bonnet. This should only ever be checked when your engine is cool as the system is pressurised and opening the cap when the engine is still hot will de-pressurise the system causing the water to boil possibly resulting in serious burns.

Brake fluid

Low brake fluid can be very dangerous as car braking systems are hydraulic. Brake fluid is used under pressure to operate the brake wheel units. If air or water gets into the system, it will not function correctly, resulting in a soft or spongy brake pedal and lower braking performance.

The reservoir for this is located under the bonnet, usually on top of the master brake cylinder, and will have minimum and maximum markers on it. If you notice the brake fluid level has dropped significantly, this could indicate a leak in the system and should be checked out by one of our mechanics.

Screen Wash fluid

Having an empty screen-wash reservoir is an automatic MOT failure! The reservoir for this is again located under the bonnet, and the level indicators clearly marked on the side. Screen-wash should be mixed with water in the correct ratio as specified on the screen-wash bottle before being added to the reservoir.

Power steering fluid

Power steering fluid is a hydraulic oil that is used to hydraulically assist your steering system. The reservoir for this is usually located under the bonnet and in most cases has a steering wheel symbol on the cap.

If the power steering fluid is needing to be topped up regularly, there may be a leak in the power steering system. This should be checked out by our mechanics. Be aware some vehicles have electric power steering and therefore have no fluid.

If you would like us to look at your vehicles Liquid Levels then book in now, call 01604 491011 or email

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