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Northampton Fuel Saver Service

Northampton Fuel saver service

At Service MOT Repairs we are very focused on helping our clients save money. Our popular Fuel Saver Service is a prime example of our motoring money saving efforts. With the ever increasing price of fuel, it makes sense to ensure that our vehicles are running as efficiently as possible. The fuel saver service ensures your vehicle is running as fuel efficiently as possible.

The Fuel Saver Service includes:

  • Under bonnet level check and top-up
  • Fuel cleaner additive
  • Tyre pressure check and adjustment
  • Under bonnet levels are checked, and topped up as necessary, to ensure the engine is running as it should and fuel additives added for a cleaner and better running engine.

Fuel cleaner additive. These additives clean from tank to tail. It cleans out the fuel tank, fuel filter the lines, injectors, combustion chamber, catalyst and the exhaust system. Improving complete burn or complete combustion, therefore improving fuel economy. Over a period of time, deposits build up in the fuel system, reducing efficiency and flow of fuel. The additive helps remove these deposits so fuel can flow more effectively increasing fuel efficiency.

Tyre pressure. 20% of your vehicles fuel efficiency is down to the tyres, this increases if the tyres are under-inflated.  Despite the importance of tyre pressure for fuel economy, surveys repeatedly show that many of us are still driving with under-inflated tyres. Research by Michelin suggests that poor tyre pressure maintenance is costing UK motorists more than £440million, wasting more than 370 million litres of fuel. Checking the tyre pressure, and a visual check on the general condition of them, are therefore an integral part of our fuel saver service.

Premium Fuel Saver Service

In our premium fuel saver service, the air in your tyres are replaced with nitrogen. We check your emissions before the service and after.

To book in for a Fuel Saver Service or a Premium Fuel Saver Service call us now on 01604 491011 or email

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