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Northampton Fleet Services

northampton fleet services

Managing a company fleet is a huge responsibility, these vehicles enable your workforce to carry out their work, and the last thing a business needs is company vehicles off the road resulting in loss or delay of usual business activity.

At Service MOT Repairs Limited, we are able to offer fleet services packages for the service, MOT and maintenance of small fleets of company owned vans and cars. We pride ourselves on exceptionally high levels of service and professionalism and will endeavour to make sure your company vehicles are back on the road as quickly as possible.

We have both the capacity and the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure that we are able meet the demands of all aspect of fleet services.

Northampton Fleet Services

Our fleet management services are based entirely upon our client’s needs. We can work with you to devise a schedule of regular maintenance and seasonal checks, we can ensure we have a rapid response agreement and we can offer a reminder service when your vehicles are due for service or MOT. When it comes to company owned vehicles, the company has a legal obligation to ensure the safety of those that drive them and could leave themselves open to prosecution by not having regularly maintained company vehicles.

Ensuring your company has a well maintained fleet will benefit your company financially by having fewer unplanned repair costs, fuel economy will be improved with regular maintenance and checks and the vehicles themselves will actually retain more value having been well looked after.

Here at Service MOT Repairs Limited, we offer bespoke fleet services, making sure they are tailor-made to the needs of your particular company and its vehicles.

To find out what we can do for your company fleet, call us on 01604 491011 or email we will be happy to help.

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