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Northampton Car Pre Sale Inspections

northampton car pre-sale inspections

When buying a used vehicle, it’s vital to know what questions to ask and what sort of things to look out for that could indicate potential problems. Taking your time to check the car thoroughly could save you from having to pay out on costly repairs further down the line.

Have a look around the car before you jump in the driver’s seat! Firstly, make sure you check over the whole vehicle for any damage, scratches and dents, paying particular attention to where the panels meet, uneven gaps could indicate damage from an accident or a poor repair job. Make sure the paint colour is also even on the vehicle, this too can be a sign of a bad repair. Also watch out for any bubbling paintwork as this usually indicates rust. Make sure all the lights and indicators work and are not cracked etc.

Check the condition of the tyres, if they are damaged or have low tread, they will need replacing. Also look out for any uneven wearing on the tyres as this could indicate a problem with the suspension.

A good indication of a vehicle that has done high mileage is the condition of the interior. If the steering wheel, gear lever, pedal rubbers and fabric all show signs of wear but the miles on the clock say different, ask why! Although it sounds simple, make sure you check everything works, from seatbelts, door locks and windows to the stereo and sat-nav if it has one, and temperature controls. It is easy to forget, but make sure you check the condition of the back seats and seat belts too.

Don’t be afraid to ask to see all the paperwork, any service history as well as the V5C and current MOT certificate.

If you don’t feel confident in performing these checks yourself, or would just like a second opinion Service MOT Repairs offer a pre- sale visual inspection service. Just give us a call on 01604 491011 and we will be happy to take a look.

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